Mens' Bigger Bulge Underwear

Gentlemen, let me answer an age old question for you: yes, we look. We check out your package while we consider whether or not we're going to let you buy us a drink, and a bigger bulge always works in your favor. Getting the look of stallion-like manhood, however, doesn't have to come from a little blue pill. Bigger bulge underwear is changing the way men look at their skivvies. (And, for that matter, the way women look at them, too)

The concept of bigger bulge underwear is a simple one: enhance the look of a man's size without actually altering him in any way. Deceptive advertising? Maybe. But who cares when the results are enjoyed by so many people- in so many different ways?

Bigger Bulges, Bigger Smiles

For guys, the benefits of bigger bulges are two fold. First, there are the obvious perks that come when a woman takes notice of your assets. But, and perhaps more importantly, there's a psychological aspect of looking like a stud that shouldn't be ignored. Women have always known that when you look sexy, you feel sexy- and that feeling sexy means feeling good about yourself. Guys, it's time for you to catch that clue. Bigger bulge underwear also causes a swelling of your ego and self esteem, and if there's anything that women love more than a guy who fills out his jeans, it's a confidant guy who's comfortable in his own skin.

For women, the best part about more guys wearing bigger bulge or enhancement underwear is the sudden increase in eye candy. It's no secret that women love to window shop, and some of our best browsing is done when there isn't a store in sight. Whether worn by a significant other or a total stranger, bulge boosting skivvies is a welcome sight, indeed.

Don't look so shocked, boys. Let's just call the score even from all the push up bra ogling.