Men's Black Underwear

Color: whether or not we realize it, it has a major effect on our moods and feelings, starting with what we choose to put on the moment we step out of the shower. Here are some tips to decoding the subliminal messages behind your black underwear.

Black conveys a feeling of authority and power. So choosing to don a pair of black boxer briefs under your power suit might reveal a hidden (or not so hidden) desire to work your way up the corporate ladder. Your black underwear may be your way of reminding yourself that you have what it takes to get to the top- and stay there.

Tux, Tail, and Boxers: Men's Black Underwear

In the romance department, men's black underwear could be taking that desire for power and authority to a whole new level. Putting on a pair of black briefs before a big date is like unleashing your inner Adonis- and letting a certain someone know you mean business tonight. (I doubt she'll be complaining)

Black is also suggestive of elegance and formality. It's the best color for a tuxedo, a Mercedes, Italian shoes and, many say, men's underwear. A symbol of class and wealth, black is the perfect color for "good impression" underwear…just think of the imagery that comes to mind when someone says it's a Black Tie Affair.

The strongest of colors, black has an aggressive side to it. Men's black underwear does for the male ego what the little black dress does for a woman's. So make a statement under your jeans- go black.