Men's Blue Underwear

Traditionally the most masculine, of colors, blue has come to represent everything from tranquility to intelligence. Studies have shown that the colors we wear directly affect how we feel and behave on a daily basis. Why not start with the first thing you put on in the morning?

Busy day ahead? Big Meeting? Blind date? You can find stress relief in the unlikeliest of places- mainly, your underwear drawer!  Dark blues actually boost self confidence and denote a sense of power. So slip on a pair of navy boxers the day of a major presentation, and give yourself a leg up. Lighter shades of blue help promote healing and have a calming effect. So your baby blue briefs can help you get over a cold faster, and those pale cyan boxer briefs may be the ticket to ending that week -long stand off with your mother in law.

Color Therapy- Put A Little Blue in Your Shorts

Granted, your blue underwear isn't going to replace a Xanax prescription, or type your spreadsheets for you, but it could put a little cheer in your day. The use of color to affect mood is certainly not a new concept, as the principles of feng shui have been incorporating healing hues for centuries. And, whether or not we realize it, our mind associates color and feeling all the time. Think royal blue and your mind will conjure feelings of richness and opulence, while dark on light blue patterns will evoke a sense of trust.

So before you start your big day, take a moment to consider your underwear options. It's a more important decision than you may realize.