Men's Designer Swimwear

Not too long ago, designer swimwear was a woman's domain. Few guys would even consider spending extra time and money shopping for a name brand swim suit. Oh how times have changed. Today's man is confident and self aware- and looking good has never mattered more.

Not sure where to begin your hunt for men's designer swimwear? Start with style, and the rest will come easy. For example, if you're a fan of traditional swim trunks, there are plenty of designer versions of this swimwear staple. Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss both make trunks with a classic look and excellent fit. For a fiery take on tradition, look into Ed Hardy's board short collection. Designer swimsuits with attitude, Hardy's eye catching designs bring a luxe look to beachwear.

Designer Swimwear For The Boys

If your swimsuit tastes run more towards exhibitionist than conservative, then your best bet is to go European. The Italians, especially, have perfected the art of tiny, snug, and form enhancing designer swimwear for men. Names like Gucci, Versace, and Dolce & Gabana have become synonymous with sleek, sexy men's swimsuits.

Regardless of preferred look, a designer swim suit is something that every man should treat himself to at least once. Don't you deserve to make a splash this season?