Men's Edible Underwear

It's really no secret that women love candy. But gentlemen, did you ever think that you could parlay our sweet tooth into a night of sexy fun? With more erotic options in underwear than ever before, couples are turning to fun lingerie to kick start a romantic evening. And what could be more fun than edible underwear?

The concept is simple: skimpy skivvies that you put on and she nibbles off. Edible underwear has long been a staple at bachelor parties and gag birthdays, but today's vast selection makes them worth considering as an addition to your seduction arsenal.

Midnight Snacks Gone Wild: Edible Underwear for Him

With so many choices in delectable drawers out there, choosing one might prove to be a daunting task. Fear not! Just keep your and your special someone's tastes in mind. There are fun fruity flavors like cherry, fruit punch, or strawberry banana to choose from. Some of the most popular choices in peel and eat briefs are made from small, tart candies "sewn" together with thin strips of licorice. Or, for the ultimate in decadent under things, how about a chocolate thong? Many of today's upscale adult shops and websites are listing these tasty treats right along side satin g-strings and vibrating rabbits. They're ready to wear, right out of the package. (Just be sure to put them on at least a few minutes before the festivities are set to begin, as your body's natural heat will make them more pliable and bring out the flavor)

If nothing else, donning a pair of edible underwear is sure to bring a goofy smile to both of your faces- and isn't that was lingerie (for him or for her) is supposed to do?