Men's Erotic Underwear

Let's call it the men's erotic underwear liberation movement. It's slowly taking hold, in big cities and small towns across the country; the idea that it's perfectly acceptable for guys to get a little frisky with their shorts. For years, erotic underwear has been a woman's domain- but no more! I present to you, the leaders of the men's panty party:

The Thong/G String: Once considered the most risqué of all men's underwear, these bad boys were relegated to bachelorette parties and parades in San Francisco. Today, the thong (and his close cousin, the G String) can be found on male bottoms in boardrooms, bedrooms and gyms everywhere.

SPICY! Men's Erotic Underwear

Lifters/ Enhancers: Women have wonder bras. Now, guys can enjoy their own version of deceptive advertising with lifting and enhancing unmentionables. These sexy skivvies come in styles that range from discreet to downright prominent, giving your pocket rocket more thrust and liftoff with every step. (Try them on the dance floor for a guaranteed partner with every tune)

Barely There Britches: For the ultimate erotic underwear experience, slip into something with a little- or in some cases a lot- less fabric all together. Bungees, slingshots, and tear-aways are all men's underpants styles that put your goodies on display, up front and center.

And don't forget, gentlemen, as you explore the naughty underwear world to look into uncharted territory. Sure, you might not normally consider leather or satin as an underwear choice, but why not give it a shot? Who knows…you may just find a new favorite to replace your Chester Cheetah boxers.