Men's Exotic Underwear

Planning a steamy night in with your special someone? While stocking up on good wine, warming massage oil, and satin sheets, don't forget the one area where she'll be paying the most attention. Exotic underwear, while not for the timid man, can be a whole lot of fun when it comes to a midnight (or mid afternoon) romp.

Keep in mind that exotic is often in the eye of the (underwear) holder- and that one man's tame drawers can be another's scandalous skivvies. When choosing a pair of erotic underpants, make sure you select something that you feel comfortable, and sexy, wearing. Nothing will get her motor going quite like a look at her favorite guy in something spicy down below, but it won't be any fun unless you think it looks hot, too.

Men's Exotic Underwear Packs a Punch

If you've never worn exotic underwear before, don't worry. You don't have to b a Chip N Dale's dancer to pull them off. Nor do you have to go straight for the hot pink cheetah print thong on your first time out. Start with undies that are tighter or lower cut than your usual fare, and take it from there. Also, a bold color or pattern can take your average underpants from ordinary to downright sexy.

Of course, if you're comfortable with your manly appeal and want to go for some super exotic bloomers, there are certainly plenty of wild styles to choose from! Whichever you choose, she is sure to appreciate the fact that you went the extra mile to make your tryst as seductive as possible.