Men's Fetish Underwear

When it comes to naughty knickers, few styles compare to men's fetish underwear. Leather PVC, rubber, chains… this is bedroom wear taken to a whole new level. And it can lead to a whole lot of fun. For those that haven't quite reached Dungeon Master Status yet, here's an overview of the most common styles of fetish underwear for men. Consider it BDSM for beginners:

Boxers and Briefs: Usually made from PVC or leather, fetish boxers are made to be super snug, outlining ever bulge and curve in great detail. Likewise, bad boy briefs are simply a rubberized version of regular tighty whiteys. Think of these as a gentle introduction to the fetish underwear world.

On Your Knees, Boy

Thongs and Jocks: Once you've gotten comfortable with the whole underwear playtime concept, you might want to segue into some racy thongs or jock straps. Made of leather, and usually accentuated with studs or grommets, these under things are made for exhibiting more than they conceal.

Bodysuits: Once you've enjoyed a light spanking or two, it's time to explore the world of men's fetish bodysuits. Similar to a woman's teddy (But oh so much more manly) the look of a naughty bodysuit can range from that of a wet suit to the skimpiest of slingshots. Some have thong backs, or cut out fronts, for easy access.

Harnesses: When you're ready for some intense fun, consider some harness underwear. Comprised of a collar like neck band and several criss crossed straps along the body, with a package enhancing cup or strap at the bottom, these skimpy skivvies are only for the bravest of underwear adventurers.

And while all fetish underpants are leash or whip optional… a playful sensibility is definitely mandatory.