Men's Fun Underwear

Boxers. Briefs. White, black, grey…yawn. Once your man has his skivvy basics covered, it's time to invest in a few pairs of fun underwear to break up the monotony. Every guy needs some underpants with pizzazz, and yours is no exception. Now as for what kind of sassy shorts are best for him… well that just depends on your dude's personality.

The guy's guy: These manly men are the kind to reschedule their honeymoon if it lands on the same day as the big game. They eat their steak rare, and leave the toilet seat up on principle alone. The best kinds of fun underwear for macho hombres like these are boxer shorts with their team's logo (or favorite beer brand) emblazoned on them.

Fun Underwear for Him

The tech geek: If your honey sleeps with his PDA under his pillow, and gets up twice a night to check his email, he probably falls under this category. Help him embrace his inner nerd with some fun britches with Star Wars depictions. How can the force not be with him when he's got a picture of Yoda on his bum?

Super Dad: When it comes to being a great father, these guys have their bases covered. They never miss a spelling bee, ballet recital, or chance to play some tag football in the backyard. Show your adoring hubby that you appreciate all his efforts with some fun, personalized, underwear. You can get boxers made for him with your name, the kid's artwork- even that goofy picture of him with the little ones last Halloween.

The Stud Muffin: Your guy is always up for anything…from a steamy double shower after the kids are in bed, to long, leisurely lovemaking on the beach. Let him know that you love his wild side with something seductive. Fun underwear in silk, satin or some other luxurious fabric will remind him of you every time he slips them on- or off.

Whatever your man's personality style, show him you know him in a very personal way... by giving him a pair of outrageous drawers to remember you by.