Men's G String Underwear

When you're ready to go minimalistic with your underwear, it doesn't get much more scandalous than men's G strings. These barely there britches, which have always been the premiere choice for exotic dancers and male models, are starting to gain popularity among mainstream American men looking for an alternative to going commando. And you don't need tear away leather pants to own a pair.

While women have known the benefits of wearing G string underwear for years- they're panty line free, comfortable, and downright hot- guys have been a little slower to come around to the G string way of thinking. But as more men are embracing the underwear revolution, G strings (like their close cousins the thong and the tanga) are giving up their boring briefs in favor of something a little more spicy.

They're G-G-Great!

If nothing else, donning a G string is like taking the express train to Sexyville. Wearing sensuous underwear has a way of boosting your self confidence, reminding you of the burning hunk of manliness within you.

So go ahead, live a little. Buy that G string, put it on under some jeans, throw on a cowboy hat and give your special someone a lap dance. Even if it doesn't replace those silk boxers as your favorite underwear, your new G string is sure to bring a smile to your face.