Men's Grey Underwear

I think Grey is getting a bad wrap- and I'm out to clear its good name. For years, guys have been shoving their grey underwear to the back of the drawer, labeling it as dingy, dull and boring. It's just not true.

As the coolest of the neutral tones, grey is sophisticated and balanced. And as for boring…I don't think so. Your charcoal grey underwear bears some of the authority and power associated with black, but without its severity. Sleek, gunmetal grey boxer shorts play beautifully against faded denim- making those well worn jeans look even better. And a softer, lighter grey makes perfect conservative backdrop to bolder clothing choices.

The Lighter Side of Black: Men's Grey Underwear

Grey's neutrality also has a way of making you stand out. Unlike white, which can wash out your skin, making you appear paler, grey underwear can actually pick up on the bronze or olive tones in your complexion, making you look tanner without spending a dime on sprays or booths.

But perhaps what's most being overlooked here is how refreshing grey can be. Wouldn't it be nice if your underwear could leave you feeling as clear headed as an after rainstorm sky? Tighty whiteys are over done, and black britches can fade and pill quickly, making them seem dingy and old. Slate grey underwear, on the other hand, maintains its color for much longer, leaving you secure in the knowledge that your skivvies are looking their best.

So gentlemen, it's time to put on those iron tinted briefs. Grey skies forecasted for tomorrow? Bring it on.