Men's Hot Underwear

Looking to surprise your favorite boy toy with some hot underwear? A present of seductive under things for your man is definitely the gift that keeps on giving, especially when you get to check out his excellent form in the smoking hot drawers of your choosing. So, just what kind of hot men's underwear is right for you and your man? That's completely up to you! Some ideas to kick your imagination into overdrive:

Bold Basics: If your man is partial to a particular style of underwear, spice up his skivvy selection with a kicked up version of his favorite drawers. It doesn't get much sexier than soft briefs in a daring color choice. Unless, of course, it's the hottest of hot men's underwear- those form fitting boxer briefs in a low slug, super snug variation.

Making Him Sizzle…

The Animal in Him: Ok, Jane, bring out his inner Tarzan with a bold splash of animal print. Whether adorning a loincloth, thong, or just some sexy boxers, a touch of leopard or cheetah print transforms every day under garments into smoldering hot underwear.

Get Wild: When you're ready to go absolutely crazy for a night, bring home something he would never wear outside the bedroom. Leather thongs, camouflaged G strings, or underwear made out of mesh and chains could be just the thing to turn him into a novice Chip N Dale dancer- just for you.

Regardless of which style you choose, buying him some sexy, hot underwear sends a message that he'll be able to read, loud and clear: You feel playful, and you think he's a stud. Now that, my dear, is the making of a great evening.