Men's Mesh Underwear

So, here you are; adventurous, exciting, and manly. What could possibly be next for an alternative lifestyler like you? How about some mesh underwear to put a little zing in your routine? No, mesh and fishnet is NOT the same thing. No, it's not uncomfortable. (Quite the opposite, actually) No, they're not hard to find. Sexy? Honey, you'll look so hot, even you won't be able to keep your hands off of yourself. Here's the skivvy skinny on mesh underwear for guys:

This is not the type of underwear that you keep meekly hidden away underneath your trousers. If you're going to put on some mesh shorts, I highly suggest lining up a willing admirer first. A silky soft woven fabric that can vary from slightly opaque to fully transparent, mesh is the perfect underwear choice for the daring fellow that's proud of his assets.

Men's Mesh Underwear: Are You Ready?

How scandalous you want your mesh underwear to be really just depends on your own sense of adventure. There are some mesh models that are fairly conservative- briefs with just a hint of skin. Then there are the indecent exposure, easy access britches that shout Oh Yeah…Come and Get It! It's all up to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready, set, shop.