Men's Micro Swimwear

Looking for a cutting edge bathing suit this season? Men's micro swimwear is the latest fashion trend to hit the beach- and it's already creating waves.

Whether you're posing poolside, swimming laps at the gym, or frolicking in the surf, micro swimwear is designed to bring out the show off in any man. These itty bitty briefs put your credentials front and center, concealing just enough to keep them legal.

Living on the Edge- Men's Micro Swimwear

Available in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns, there's a micro swimsuit to match just about every personality. (Except for maybe the bashful ones- this is NOT the right swimwear choice for the ultra shy!)

When shopping for micro swimwear, make sure your boy bikini fits snugly, and stays in place. When it comes to teeny tiny swimwear, there's very little room for error; and unless you're wearing just the right size, your micro suit could go from blazing hot to embarrassingly exhibitionist in the blink of an eye.

But possibly even more important than the fit of your micro swimwear is the attitude with which you work it. Supreme confidence is required whenever wearing something so blatantly sexual. But you already knew that…or you wouldn't have bought that micro suit in the first place. You naughty devil, you.