Men's Modest Swimwear

When shopping for a new bathing suit, many otherwise rational men often get swept up, allowing themselves to be persuaded to buy something in the name of fashion that they normally wouldn't even consider wearing as underwear. But there's something to be said for men's modest swimwear. That is, a swim suit that is not only fashionable, but comfortable and flattering as well.

Now, if you're a Speedo or thong kind of guy, good for you. Your self confidence is to be admired. However, there are many gentlemen out there who look and feel better in more modest swimwear. Not that modest has to mean frumpy…

Manly Modesty

In fact this season's hottest bathing wear trend is a rather modest swim suit in its own right: the board short. Board shorts, first popularized by California surfers, are full length swim trunks that sit low on the hips. As far as conservative swimwear goes, it doesn't get much trendier than that. (Come on, who could be cooler than The Beach Boys?!)

Modest swim trunks and board shorts today can be found in every color, style, and brand imaginable. Even top name men's swimwear designers like Ed Hardy, Calvin Klein, and Christian Audigier are cashing in on the modest swimwear movement; creating longer trunks and board shorts for their summer runway shows.

So, before you get talked into those itty bitty spandex swim briefs, remember that classy, modest swimwear is just as fashion forward- and won't make you blush as you step onto the sand.