Men's Modest Underwear

In today's less is more world, there is still one place where more is better, and leaving something to the imagination is very sexy indeed: men's modest underwear. Not that I've got anything against fellows that prefer bikinis or thongs, but there is just something inherently sexy about a man in a pair of traditional briefs, boxers… or best yet,  perfectly delicious boxer briefs.

Full coverage, modest, underwear conveys an undeniable sense of masculinity that ups the wow factor on any guy. Women see their man sliding jeans on over silk boxers or Hugo Boss briefs, and our minds automatically run off in very erotic directions. We can't help it- it's encoded in our DNA.

Modest is Sexy

So while that anniversary leopard print thong and loincloth set made for one very wild weekend (and yes, she will always be your Jane, Tarzan) don't discount just how much your everyday, average, modest britches rev her engines.

Don't believe me? Try this little experiment: the next time you're shaving in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing nothing but your softest, most form fitting pair of boxer briefs, leave the door open and see what her reaction is. I'm willing to bet that you'll get an appreciative glance, possibly a quick pinch. And if you're both lucky…she might even make you late for work. And you thought modest underwear was just for comfort.