Men's Novelty Underwear

When it comes to guys, their needs and wants tend to lean towards the simpler side: beer, sex, laughter. (Beer optional) Novelty underwear is a great way to gift your manly man with some of the things he loves best. Think of it as a way to rev his engines and make him smile, all at the same time.

Knowing your guy's personality is essential to choosing the novelty underwear that's best suited to his individual style. Exactly how risqué is he? Goofy boxers and a leather G string both fall under the novelty under thing category, but not all guys would be willing to strut around in both! This is the perfect opportunity to show your boy toy just how well you know him.

Funny Undies: Men's Novelty Underwear

Camouflaged undies for your favorite soldier (will salute on demand), zebra striped briefs to bring out the animal in him (Grrr), or a harness and handcuff set for a naughty boy… whichever novelty underwear you choose, it's sure to elicit a genuine smile from him.

Sexy, sassy, and always fun- novelty underwear is the perfect blend of provocative and playful. And that's a combination he's sure to appreciate.