Men's Nylon Underwear

Looking for the sumptuous feeling of silk drawers, sans the expense and hassle? Look no further than men's nylon underwear. Affordable and chic, nylon is the perfect material for a perfect pair of men's shorts, briefs, bikinis, or thongs. Behold the benefits of going synthetic:

No Iron Required: Banish wrinkles once and for all by swapping your silken skivvies for nylon underwear. Not only is nylon machine washable, but it dries smoothly in half the time, making them perfect for a man that travels. (Or just one that doesn't like sitting around waiting on his underpants)

Sexy, Silky, Stylish: Men's Nylon's Underwear

Yum: Why ensconce your favorite body part in anything less than luxury? The soft touch of nylon underwear against your delicate skin will make you feel wonderful every time you get dressed.

Keep Moving: Nylon skivvies can help keep you feeling cool and dry throughout your day, as it wicks moisture away from your body- making them the perfect under garment for the gym, the court, or the office. Also, the stay put design of nylon underwear makes them virtually wedgie proof.

Looking Good: With a hint of transparency and dozens of designer colors to choose from, nylon boxers or briefs will make you look good enough to grace the cover of GQ. (And all the other letters, too)