Men's Padded Underwear

Padded underwear for men has come a very long way from its humble beginnings as a pair of socks strategically stuffed into the front of your favorite briefs before a night out on the town. Goodbye obvious, hello fabulous.

Until now, women have pretty much held a monopoly on the false advertising front: fake eyelashes, colored contacts, hair dye, high heels and most beguiling of all, the push up bra. With the advent of sophisticated men's padded underwear, guys are now cashing in on what the ladies have known all along- make the packaging look appealing, and you'll have more buyers.

The Power of Padding

Padded underwear has nothing to do with inadequacy, and everything to do with making something that's already great look even better. Who wouldn't want a touch of enhancement in your favorite jeans? A good pair of padded underwear can add up to a full inch in length (and plenty of girth) to the look of your package.

Today, you can find padded varieties of all your favorite underwear styles, from boxer briefs to bikinis- and everything in between. When you're seeking a subtle boost in size (and sex appeal, confidence, and ego) look no further than a smoking hot pair of padded britches.