Men's Red Underwear

The color of your underwear may be saying more about you than you think.  In a beige and white world, those red boxers scream personality- and it's a welcome sound. The hottest of all the warm colors, red is passion and lust; fire and love; rubies and the devil. Adding a little more rouge to your under things might just be your ticket to having a good day (or night).

Red is strength- that's why you own that red power tie, isn't it? Well neckwear isn't the only place where a splash of crimson can boost your performance. Studies have shown that wearing red can actually improve your self confidence. What better place to test that theory than with a pair of vibrant red underwear? Think of it as rolling out the red carpet for the biggest star you know-YOU.

Red Means GO! Underwear to Impress

In cultures around the world, red is associated with some of life's greatest gifts. In China, red is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. In the east, it is the color of choice among brides and celebrants. In the U.S, scarlet is a blatant demand for attention. There's a reason why we choose to paint our fire trucks and stop signs in deep red; it gets noticed. And so do you, in a splash of cinnabar or a bit of maroon.

It's been proven that the color red evokes an actual physical reaction: it affects your rate of respiration and increases blood pressure slightly. So, in theory, a pair of red underwear could literally take her breath away. Not bad for a part of your wardrobe that normally hides meekly inside your jeans.