Men's Revealing Underwear

Looking to try something a little different tonight? Before you invest in a two person pleasure swing, start with an investigation into the world of men's revealing underwear. Mesh, fishnet, and cut away briefs are just the tip of what can be a smoking hot iceberg.

Revealing underwear comes in enough variations to cover just about every kink and fantasy… and create a few new ones in the process. Have you been a bad boy? How about some see through bikinis with thumb cuffs attached? Or maybe a mesh thong collection in vibrant colors is more your liking. Whichever style you chose, revealing underwear is sure to bring out your naughtiest alter ego.

Peek A Boo! Men's Revealing Underwear

The perfect compliment to any role playing or mischievious games, revealing underwear is more than just lingerie for men. It's an ego booster- and everyone knows that confidence is the sexiest of bedroom accessories. Barely there undies also add an element of playfulness to nocturnal activities… and what's more seductive than a little laughter?

While they're definitely not for the timid or shy, men's revealing underwear is the perfect choice for the guy that doesn't take himself too seriously, and wants to add a little zing to his nightly repertoire.