Men's See-Through Thongs

For the boys that like to go bare down below, might I offer a more, ahem, supportive alternative? Men's see through thongs are quickly gaining popularity among gents that normally go sans underpants, giving a bit of lift and comfort, while still allowing you to keep your most precious possessions in full view at all times.

Transparent underwear is the epitome of cutting edge lingerie for him, offering an enticing marriage between breathability, exhibition, and raw sex appeal. And as the concept of men's lingerie gains world wide popularity, see through thongs are the most blazing hot example of the style. Even fellows who have never been fond of racy under things are giving the thong a try.

Better Than Commando

Women have known for years that the thong plays an essential role in the underwear world- providing coverage while eliminating VPL…all the while looking smoking sexy. Now it's time for guys to cross the (panty) line and embrace their inner thong king.

When it comes to see through thongs for men, they key is to keep things as comfortable as possible. A good thong should make you feel as though you're not wearing anything at all, while still giving support to the boys. Your manhood should sit comfortably within the front, and the back should not tug or pull. A little experimenting with brands should yield you the perfect result: A sheer thong that looks as good as it feels.