Men's See-Through Underwear

For the man seeking a bit more exposure, there are a slew of new see through underwear designs out there. Shy fellows need not apply, as these sheer under things leave achingly little to the imagination. But if you're the kind of guy that relishes showing off the goods, step up and slip ‘em on, cowboy. Just keep a few rules in mind as you shop for your peek a boo pants-

DO: Find a flattering fit. Remember that you're package will be on display in those see through underpinnings, so make sure the boys sit comfortably and in a pleasant arrangement. Experiment with different styles. There are see through thongs, bikinis, briefs and boxers to choose from, so try on a few different styles until you find the one that looks best on your body.

DON'T: Wear them to the gym or the family picnic. No matter how steamy sexy your see through underwear looks in the heat of the night, it does not belong anywhere that it might be spied by the wrong eyes.

Men's See Through Underwear… I Dare You

DO: Work it! It took a daring spirit to purchase those sheer drawers, so enjoy them. Prance around the living room, give yourself a wink and a nod in the bathroom mirror, pair them with nothing but an apron and make your honey dinner. See through underwear, like any other festive lingerie, deserves to be celebrated. Grrrr, baby.

DON'T: Settle. See through does NOT have to mean itchy nylon or some other scratchy material. If you're going to treat yourself to some sexy underwear, go ahead and splurge on silk, satin or some other suitably yummy material. You are so worth it, boy.