Men's Sexy Underwear

You've dropped subtle hints. You've dropped not so subtle hints. You've left messages, sent texts, and drawn pictures. But ladies, the truth is if you want to see your man in a pair of sexy underwear, you're just going to have to get it yourself. So what kind of sexy skivvies are right your lust bunny? A quick peek at his current underwear choices might help you clue in to the best naughty knickers to get him.

If your man wears briefs, he's probably a bit of a kid at heart. His tighty whiteys are a throwback to his youth, and you should keep his underwear gift sexy, yet light hearted. A playful penguin or elephant adorning the front will bring out his inner zoo keeper. Or try some edible underwear for your stud muffin.

Yowza! Sexy Men's Underwear

If your baby is a boxer boy, chances are good that Studley Do Right is a traditional kind of guy. Don't go crazy with the sexy underwear- at least not right off the bat. Ease him into the idea with some silky, patterned boxers. Perhaps even a pair with a lower rise, the better to see his treasure trail.

Boxer briefs are indicative of an athletic man- one that is comfortable with himself, and doesn't mind bucking conformity every now and again. This is a guy that you can feel free experimenting with. Buy him a sexy under wear selection to choose from, and have him model all the styles for you.

For the thong or bikini brief wearing guy… wait a sec, if your man is wearing thongs or bikini briefs, you should have no trouble getting him into a pair of sexy drawers. Just buy him a leopard print loincloth, and tell Tarzan to come and get you.