Men's Skimpy Swimwear

It's very European…the notion that women aren't the only ones who should display their bronzed bodies on the beach in barely there swimsuits. But more and more American men are warming to the idea of teeny tiny swimsuits. With body consciousness at an all time high, it's only natural that guys are looking to display as much of their toned physiques as legally possible.

And internet companies like CockSox, Nuwear, and Erogenos, (among others) are making skimpy swimwear for men more accessible than ever before. Tight Speedos used to be a rare sight on public beaches and around the swimming pool. Today, the snug briefs are among the less revealing styles of swimsuits available to men. While it's true that many men prefer to stay on the conservative side of the beachwear line, sticking to trunks and board shorts, plenty of their brethren are willing to throw caution to the wind. They can be seen all over the country, sauntering onto the sand in swimwear that's shorter and tighter than ever before.

Hubba Hubba- Scandalous Swimwear for Him

The thong has long been the secret weapon of the women's bathing suit world. Today, men's swimwear companies are embracing the idea, creating swimsuits for guys that leave little to the imagination. The thong, and its cousin the slingshot, are rapidly becoming more accepted as menswear. Also being added to men's skimpy swimwear arsenal are tight briefs and tiny shorts in vibrant colors and sumptuous fabrics.

These spicy new bathing suits aren't for every man-anything less than supreme confidence will leave the wearer feeling awkward and naked. But for the guy with exhibitionist tendencies (you know who you are), or the gentlemen that can't wait to show off that toned new body, they may be just the right fit. So if you-and your gym membership- are up to the challenge, don a pair of skimpy swimmers and hit the beach.