Men's Skimpy Underwear

Sexy panties have long been a way for women to get their man's attention after a long day. But recently, guys have begun to turn the tables, exploring their inner exotic dancer with daring new styles of barely there britches. And underwear designers have quickly caught on to the trend, creating sexy new looks to tease and titillate.

Boxers or briefs? NIETHER! How about a thong, g-string, or peek a boo shorts? Underwear companies like Three Wishes, Obviously, Play, and CockSox feature all these and more. Stores and online sellers are making men's skimpy skivvies in more styles and colors than ever before. Satin, silk, mesh, even leather and animal prints…there's a wild pair of underwear for every man and every mood.

Putting Spice in Your Jeans- Skimpy Underwear for Guys

Whether you're looking for a way to surprise that special someone or just spice up your wardrobe, skimpy underwear can go along way in boosting your self confidence and appeal. Imagine her surprise when you meet her at the door in nothing but those see through briefs or tear away boxers.

Another advantage to those sexy under things? Instant package enhancement. Most men's lingerie is made to accentuate a gentleman's assets. Specially positioned (and occasionally padded) pouches put your goodies front and center. Or, for a touch of whimsy, there are lots of fun yet skimpy underwear to choose from. If you're new to sexy drawers, costume or theme underwear might be a less intimidating place to start. It's hard to feel anything less than goofy when you're tucked into a snowman or elephant trunk.

Every man should own at least one pair of risqué underwear…. After all, it seems to be working for all those Chippendale dancers.