Men's Spandex Underwear

I think spandex underwear has gotten an undeserved bad rap. The atrocious fashion faux pas of the 80's have tainted this ingenious little fabric's good name, and I, for one, am ready to give men's spandex under things a fresh start.

Removed from neon green pants, and applied instead to some deliciously curve hugging boxer briefs, the virtues of spandex are many. First of all, spandex always bounces back into shape. In fact, a pair of Lycra underwear can be stretched to 500 times its original shape, and still fall perfectly back into place, good as new. Then there's the ease factor: spandex skivvies are machine washer and dryer friendly, making them the perfect choice for guys.

Spandex Underwear: Where's the Love?

The real key to finding a great pair of spandex underwear is to keep in mind that it just takes a touch. After all, you don't want to look like you just stepped off the wrestling circuit. Instead, go for a nylon, polyester, or cotton spandex blend. That way, you'll get the glorious fit of spandex, with a healthy dose of sex appeal thrown in.

Whether you're seeking underwear for work or play, spandex could be exactly what you're looking for. Stay fit designs means that your spandex kissed shorts won't ride or bunch underneath your business or workout clothes. And that second skin fit makes everything look downright yummy…making them the perfect choice for a little naughty nighttime festivities. Yep, spandex is back…and better than ever.