Men's String Bikini Underwear

For generations, the great men's underwear debate has raged: boxers or briefs? Why all the conformity, boys? How about something different, sassy, sexy? Something like…men's string bikini underwear? Yes, I know it's not the norm. But that's exactly the point. Men's string bikinis are an innovative take on guy's skivvies.

String bikini briefs may have a similar feel to tightie whiteys, but the two underwear styles are miles apart in look and personality. Where regular briefs are conservative, loose fitting and, let's face it, a bit boring; men's string bikini underwear is a snug-tastic, daring, and seductive version.

Under Where? Men's String Bikini Underwear

Available in dozens of colors, and made from the softest of cotton blends, bikini briefs also offer something that a lot of other sexy men's underwear can't: real comfort. (Because no matter how hot you look, it's almost impossible to be a stud muffin when you're wearing ill fitting under pinings) String bikinis for guys also act as the perfect happy medium between plain, everyday underwear and scandalously sexy men's lingerie.

So, the next time someone asks you, "boxers or briefs?" you can simply offer them a wink and a nod. Keep ‘em guessing…and always leave them wanting more.