Sexy Men's Underwear

Ask five women to tell you their favorite form of men's sexy underwear, and you'll probably get five different answers. With so many options in seductive skivvies, it's hard to decide which ones look best on our favorite hard bodies, which can make shopping for sassy underwear for your guy a bit of a challenge.

For some women, there's a whole lot in a name. There are gals who just love to see their man decked in a pair of smoking shorts with that tell tale designer label stitched into the band. And high end briefs conform nicely to the male form, making your stud muffin look like he belongs plastered all over the pages of a calendar.

Struttin' His Stuff In Sexy Men's Underwear

Then there are the ladies whose men's sexy underwear preference leans more towards wild tastes. Thongs, g strings and bikinis are a bold choice on any man, and they are definitely not for the underwear shy. But if you and your dude enjoy adding a bit of spice to your every day (or night) life, they may be the perfect choice.

Of course, some of us have much simpler tastes. Personally, a man in a pair of snug fitting boxer briefs is my own private version of sexy underwear heaven.

Remember girls, when shopping for yummy undies for your boy toy, that as long as YOU think it's sexy, he'll love wearing them for you.