Women's Beach Wear

Just because you have a bottle of sunscreen and a cooler full of ice water doesn't mean you are ready for a day on the sand. The beachwear you put on before you hit the shore could mean the difference between a pleasant day at the beach and a sand covered nightmare.  Here's a head to toe guide to getting the most out of your sunny outing:

Use Your Head. Too much sun exposure causes everything from headaches and premature wrinkles to age spots and skin cancer. Make your own shade with a hat, visor, or baseball cap.

Suit Up Choose your bathing suit carefully…it's the most important part of your beachwear ensemble. Pick a suit that fits well and flatters your figure. If you're comfortable in your swimsuit, you'll be more relaxed, which means you'll get more enjoyment out of your day.

Sand and Surf: Women's Beachwear Comes of Age

Take Cover. Nix the oversized tee in favor of a more fashionable cover up. There are a multitude of sarongs and summer dresses that keep you looking both modest and stylish. You may decide to catch a quick bite with friends or a drink with your honey after frolicking in the waves-no need to look like something that just washed up!

Tempting Totes. Heaven help us, women feel the need to carry half our belongings with us at all times. (It's a throwback from our nomadic Neanderthal roots) But there are no excuses for hauling your stash around in a hideous plastic bag or backpack. Beachwear designers today are making fun, funky totes that could pass for summertime handbags.

Step Lively. Nothing feels yummier than sand between your toes-and nothing will drive you crazier than sand in your shoes. An easy solution? Stash a big water bottle and a spare pair of flip flops in your car (or in that stylish new tote). Once you're off the sand, rinse your feet and slip into clean shoes.

Women's beachwear has come a long way from its one-bathing suit-fits-all beginnings. Today, there are more options in fun swimwear, cover ups and beach shoes than ever before. The sand has never looked better.