Women's Bikini Swimsuits

Women's bikini swimsuits come in more options today than ever before. Whether you're a modest maven or an exhibitionist extraordinaire, there is a bikini out there to suit your tastes. It's all just a matter of mixing and matching pieces until you come up with the right combination of saucy and sophisticated to please you.

If your tastes tend to lean towards the traditional, you may have had some trouble choosing a two piece in the past. After all, bikinis were built for maximum exposure, making it difficult to stay demure on the sand. This is no longer the case! Modern swimsuits have blended conservative and fun together seamlessly. Boy short bottoms took a cue from your favorite panties, extending the traditionally itty bitty bikini bottom into a pair of short shorts that look as stunning as any tanga. Skirtinis are also big this season. A must have for any woman that isn't in love with her thighs, this teeny skirt attached to bikini bottoms hides all manner of flaws without looking like a senior citizen's bathing suit. Also, look for tank and halter style bikini tops, which are sexy, fuller coverage versions of the average two piece.

Mix and Match the Perfect Bikini Swimsuit

This is not to say that daring divas are out of options! You'll be grateful for that Brazilian wax when you try on a micro bikini- the tiniest swimsuit you have ever seen; and a very big deal this summer. There are also plenty of thong and string bikinis to tease and titillate, and low rises a-plenty.

The real trick to finding the perfect bikini swimsuits is that there is no trick. Decide how much skin you're comfortable showing, and go from there. There are literally dozens of styles and choices out there- all you've got to do is find your perfect match.