Women's Competition Swimwear

The realm of women's competition swimwear is getting almost as tough as the sport itself. With the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the rest of the world came to realize a few things that speed swimmers have known for a very long time. First, that competitive swimming is a sport that requires complete discipline of both the body and mind. And second, that drag can be a real drag.

For those few souls that were hiding under a rock for two weeks in August while the rest of us sat riveted to our televisions, allow me to enlighten you. More Olympic and World records were broken during the 2008 swimming season than any other time in history. Today's athletes are sleeker, faster, and more driven than ever before. And they owe at least part of this speed to new age competitive swimwear.

The Winning Edge: Women's Competition Swimwear

Speedo was the first major brand to rethink the women's bathing suit; though all of today's competitive swimwear manufacturers are producing a version of super fast water wear. Forgoing the idea of traditional swimsuits, researchers began looking at ways to improve just how fast the human body could travel through water. So they turned to a very logical place: the sea. Dolphins and sharks are among the fastest natural swimmers. The Fastskin suit line was the first attempt at creating a lower resistance swim suit.

Speedo then teamed up with NASA to create the LZR suit. The lightweight LZR made possible faster starts and turns, better oxygenation in the water, and comes with a built in core stabilizer to help maintain perfect body positioning. But perhaps the most amazing part of theses new competitive swimsuits is the fact that wearing it cuts water resistance down to almost zero.

Armed with ultra low drag suits, better training and a positive mind set, today's sport swimmers have the keen edge they need to blow the competition right out of the water.