Women's Micro Swimwear

When Louis Reard was looking for a name for his scintillating new two piece bathing ensemble in the 1940's, he wanted something that would immediately garner attention; and when the US government exploded a nuclear device near the small Island set known as Bikini Atoll, he had his catch phrase. Today, women's micro swimwear has taken the bathing suit concept from Bikini Atoll to hardly any bikini at all.

Like so many other scandalous ideas, micro swimwear was born on the beaches of Southern California. When 1970's legislation outlawed nudity on famed Venice Beach, locals responded by wearing tiny scraps of fabric hardly fit to be called bathing suits. The message was clear: they were only going to cover enough to keep them from getting arrested.

Barely Legal: Women's Micro Swimwear

Shortly thereafter, the term micro bikini was coined, and the rest is swimwear history. Today, microkinis can be found all over the world' glamorous beaches- gracing only the most toned of bodies and free spirits. Micro swimwear is designed to cover nothing more than what is essential, and usually consists of enough fabric to contain the genitalia(and little else) Thin straps or wires hold it in place, and occasionally even these do not exist, being replaced instead with adhesive backing and underwire. When there is a back, it is invariably a g-string, for maximum visibility.

The tops of women's micro swimwear are as liberal as the bottoms; leaving most of the breasts exposed and covering the nipples with a thin swatch of mesh.

These are not bikinis for the shy, the conservative, or the faint of heart. If you embarrass easily or don't like to wax- keep looking. But, if you're a daring woman with a wild streak…if you've always wanted to try nude bungee jumping…this may just be the perfect suit for you.