Women's Modest Swimwear

Brazilian women may be keen on running around the beach wearing two Tic-Tacs and some strategically placed sequins, but those of us that didn't just jump off the Samba line are looking for a touch more from our bathing suits. Modest swimwear has always held popularity among women, and this season's styles are making a big splash.

Not that I have anything against those bronzed beauties jogging along the sand in their dental floss bikinis. (Ok, oků so maybe I'm just a touch jealous, but who wouldn't be?!) The truth is modest swimwear styles can be just as sexy and seductive as their skimpy counterparts.

Swim Styles: Modest Swimwear Makes a Splash

Case in point: the tankini. In comparison to string or thong bikinis, a tankini shows less skin, but manages to stay miles ahead in the sex appeal department. Leaving something to the imagination, conservative suits make a statement about the women that wear them.

If you're confident baring all, then by all means, go for it. But not every woman feels good about strutting their stuff in a barely there bikini. If you prefer to keep some of your feminine allure hidden from the prying eyes of all those that pass by, consider a modest swimsuit. After all, what drives men crazier than the unattainable?