Women's Monokini Swimwear

Looking for something completely different and totally daring to satisfy your bathing suit needs this summer? Look no further than the women's monokini swimsuit. Not for the timid, this revealing one piece is sure to garner you some attention on the sand.

Monokini swimwear has been creating buzz on designer runways for quite some time, and its popularity there has now made it available to the average woman. This is a one piece with the soul of a bikini. Tiny bikini or thong bottoms are joined to an itty bitty top by a thin strip that runs along the middle of the stomach, leaving most of the tummy and all of the back bare. Somehow, that thin stretch of fabric makes a monokini seem more sensual than any bikini on the market.

Not Your Grandma's Swimwear: The Monokini

Perhaps it's because a monokini swimsuit accentuates a woman's form…following her shape and covering just enough to stay legal… that it seems so wild and yet feminine at the same time. Certainly, they expose no more skin than your average thong or halter bikini- but they do give the impression that there are dangerous curves ahead. As the eye travels along the path of the swimsuit, it takes in all that makes a woman a woman; the softness of skin, the swell of hips, the daring plunge of cleavage.

Women's monokini swimwear is the latest in a long line of daring, sexy bathing suits that push the limits of what is the "norm" in beach wear. I can't wait to see where this journey is heading…