Women's Thong Swimsuits

You know the song. Admit it; you still hum it in the shower sometimes. But men were demanding to see a glimpse of women's thong swimsuits long before that tune became a chart topper. The truth is, the thong is a fashion staple that's as steamy hot as the Brazilian beaches where it was born. So what's the story behind this booty bearing bathing suit?

Long before its popularity blossomed in the States, women were tanning their bums in thongs in South America. This sexy swimwear is, believe it or not, a direct descendant of the original risqué swimsuit: the loincloth. But even with such a distinguished lineage, thong swimwear didn't take off as a fashion craze in the U.S. until the late eighties and early nineties.

Rear View Fabulous: Women's Thong Swimsuits

Today, thong bathing suits are as common a site on the sand as umbrellas and coolers. There are literally dozens of varieties of thongs available to modern shoppers. Everything from V strings to slingshots fall into the thong category. Remarkably, the most popular thong swimsuit version remains the classic T back. (Its wider band along the back is said to best accentuate the roundness of a nicely shaped female behind)

And while women prefer thong bathing suits because they leave less tan lines, or because they are the epitome of high fashion, men, being the simple hearted creatures that they are, like this racy swimwear for their own reasons. It gives them a nice view. So go ahead, ladies. Let him see that thong th-thong thong thong.