Women's Thong Swimwear

To thong or not to thong? This booty bearing swimwear has become standard fare on American beaches, but is it the right suit for you? If you're a confident woman, sure of your own unrelenting sex appeal, then the answer might just be yes. Thong swimwear was born in Brazil, where women not only acknowledge their femininity and sexuality, they embrace it. The sands of Copacabana Beach are a sun kissed tribute to bronzed skin and lethal curves. And while we can't all frolic in Rio de Janeiro, there's nothing stopping you from bringing some of that self confidence to your own seaside adventure.

Thong swimwear comes in a great many varieties; from itsy bitsy two piece thong bikinis to sleek and sophisticated one piece bathing suits with a thong back. A thong tankini makes a great "starter thong" for those who want to go backless, but aren't ready to bear all just yet. (Along with thong-backed one pieces, these are thong swimsuits with training wheels)

Bottoms Up! Women's Thong Swimwear

When you're ready to have your entire womanly form worshipped, look into a monokini or micro suit. These bathing suits take their thong-ness above and beyond the call of duty, showing off tantalizing curves and stretches of skin so bare, it borders on illegal.

Women's thong swimwear is about more than showing off your shapely bottom. It's about coming to terms with your sexy self. It's about taking a look in the mirror and genuinely liking what you see. And mostly, it's about relishing all the things that make you a fun, fearless woman. Remember; objects in the rear view may appear hotter than you ever thought possible.