Emporio Armani Underwear

So, you want to buy your hunk of burning studliness some Armani underwear that will show off his manly physique (and show him just how much you love seeing his butt in tight under things). Now… if only there were a brand that always looks great, comes in a variety of colors and styles, and that he'd love just as much as you do. Oh wait… there is! Hello, Emporio Armani.

The largest distributed Armani brand, Emporio Armani underwear for men are geared towards a youthful audience. (Bonus: that whole "youthful audience" thing means that Emporio britches are less expensive than many of the other Armani labels. Yay!)

Emporio Armani- Yummy Undies for Him

Guess all that's left now is finding the perfect pair of Emporio Armani underpants for your dude. Ladies, it's time to shop! (A hardship, I know. But there's nothing we won't do for our favorite stud muffin)

Classic fits like trunks, boxer briefs, and briefs in breathable cotton and micro-fiber blends are perfect for the on the go Armani guy. Stick with basic black or crisp white for an underwear look that is sexy, yet practical enough for everyday wear. For something a little more risqué, try a low rise micro brief in a sassy color. (This season, the Beckham collection for Emporio Armani underwear includes a fetching pair in lipstick red that is sure to have him thinking of you every time he puts them on) You know how outrageously sinful it feels to wear naughty panties under your every day work wear? Well, your man will get the same thrill by wearing the seductive underwear you bought for him underneath his business suit.

Don't forget to complete the knicker ensemble by adding a matching tee or undershirt to your gift. That way, he can wear the set around the house on Sunday morning. Not only will you get to enjoy seeing him decked out in some pretty fabulous skivvies, he will feel like the luckiest guy alive. After all, he has a hot woman who buys him Armani underwear…