Levi's Underwear

Very few labels are as kind to the male form as Levis. So, in 2008, when the denim deity decided to get into the men's underwear game, they made a lot of people very happy indeed. That's right, my friends, there is no longer any question about what you should wear underneath your favorite jeans. When you think about it, the crossover makes perfect sense. After all, there is a striking similarity between what makes a great pair of dungarees and the perfect pair of men's underwear:

Comfort- When it comes to anything that will be hugging your behind like a second skin, fit should always be priority number one. No one would put up with pants that bunch, sag or pinch… so why are so many guys willing to walk around in uncomfortable underwear?! Levis boxers, briefs, bikinis and the like are made from cool cotton blends in stay put designs that will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

Levis: A Butt's Best Friend

Style- Is there anything that looks better on a man that a classic pair of Levis? We think not. And while the men's unmentionables from the same maker are not made from faded denim, there is no mistaking that this is underwear with flare. Lower rises mean that you don't have to worry about your skivvies playing peek-a-boo over the top of your waistband (and trust us, that is never an attractive look). And when you do drop those pants at the end of the day, you can be sure that your Levis underwear will look good in all the right places.

Durability- One of the things we love most about Levis jeans is the fact that they last forever. What's more, they seem to fit and look better as time goes by. It's a quality that they've taken straight into the men's underwear market with a well constructed, long lasting design. Even after washing, these skivvies retain their shape and comfort in a manner reminiscent of your favorite 501s.

So the only real question left to ask is… what's next for Levis?