Nudie Jeans

After vodka, the bikini team, and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, men's Nudie Jeans may be one of the best things to come out of Sweden in recent history. No sparkles, no women's clothing, and no fads - the designers at Nudie jeans subscribe to the simple philosophy that sometimes, less is truly more.

Easy, slender silhouettes and classic washes pair with a variety of rises to give guys a wide selection to choose from. And because the team behind men's Nudie Jeans stand behind the ideals of responsible production, you can feel good about every pair you buy. From organic jeans colored with completely natural vegetable dyes to streamlined jeans made in the traditional style, there are Nudie options for every kind of consumer.

Strip it Down. Go Nudie

For the ultimate in pants with a high end feel, check out men's Nudie Jeans' selvage collections. A durable style of denim, selvage forms a clean, natural edge that won't fray. Created on old fashioned shuttle looms, Nudie Jeans' selvage denim is a throwback to old school, carefully crafted jeans pants.

When it comes to socially conscious denim with a distinct look, it's tough to go wrong with Nudie Jeans. Because when it comes down to it, the naked truth is that Nudie is a different kind of jean's company.