Relaxed Fit Jeans

So what's the big deal about men's relaxed fit jeans, anyway? After all, if you're like a lot of guys, you think jeans are jeans…right? And a label that claims to be "relaxed fit" is no different than one that's "loose fit." So what's all the fuss about? Tsk Tsk, gentlemen. By now, you should realize that all jeans are not created equal.

The way your jeans fit is hands down the most important factor in how they look. (And subsequently, how you look while wearing them) "Relaxed" and "loose," like "skinny" or "straight leg" are descriptive labels that refer to the way a pair of jeans will fit your body when you slip them on. And while they may sound alike, men's relaxed fit jeans sit very differently on your body than their loose fit counterparts.


Loose fit jeans tend to be much baggier throughout the rear and thigh area. This lack of shape can work for you if you're a much bigger guy, or you're young enough to rock the "gangsta" look without making a complete fool of yourself. By contrast, men's relaxed fit jeans aren't quite as roomy as loose fit jeans, but definitely give you more space than a regular fit.

Men's relaxed fit jeans are ideal for guys with an average to heavy build. The extra room makes them very forgiving, and that relaxed fit throughout the thigh area makes them the most comfortable of all denim fits. Relaxed fit jeans' popularity accounts for the huge variety on the market when it comes to them. Every major denim manufacturer has their own version of this wardrobe staple. And that means you can work the relaxed look; no matter what your budget or label preference.