Slim Fit Jeans

What kinds of jeans look best on guys? Well-fitting ones. I know what you're thinking. "But I love my carpenter jeans. They're so roomy. David Beckham and Ludacris wear baggy jeans all the time!" Let's face it guys; while those extra wide denims have their time and place, men's slim fit jeans simply look better. And if we're being realistic, Luda and David could wear burlap sacks and parachute pants, and chicks would still claw each other in the face to get near them.

You, on the other hand, need to embrace your body type (no matter what kind it is) and show off your fabulous physique in something a little more form fitting. Not too tight, not too loose, men's slim fit jeans are a stylish and classy alternative to uber baggy hip hop styles or those super skinny jeans that require an emo swoosh haircut and trust fund to complete the hipster look.

Not too Loose, Not too Tight

Men's slim fit jeans are the most flattering fit for the average guy. Whether you're long and lean or are carrying a little more to love around your middle, a pair of slim jeans will make you look your best, especially when paired with a classic tee, polo, or button down. And just in case you needed another reason to love your straight leg, slim fit jeans, how about trying this on for size: they look as appropriate and fashionable paired with dress shoes and a nice shirt at work as they do dressed down for the weekend.