Despi Swimwear

Women's Despi swimwear: a world class beach look.

From Rio to Sao Paulo and every stretch of sand in between, Brazilians have more gorgeous beachfront than you can shake a bikini at. And with all of that sun and surf, Brazilian women are all about adorning their world class bodies in some equally eye-catching apparel. That's where women's Despi swimwear comes in.

Women's Despi is a line of contemporary, stylish swimwear designed to put your body center stage. And while these suits have attitude and sex appeal to spare, they're breaking all the stereotypes. There was a time when rocking Brazilian swimwear meant wearing as little as legally possible. But minimalism's day in the sun may be waning, because there's a lot more to Despi than dental floss.

A New Kind of Brazilian Swimsuit

Hardware accents, oversized adornments, and funky jewelry combine with soft fabrics to give women's Despi swimwear a distinctly rock and roll vibe.  Combined with fresh prints and sleek lines, it's a summertime look that's so hot it's ice cold. From leather and gold to silk and studs, Despi swimsuits are perfect for the woman who embraces her sensuality and isn't afraid to have a little fun in the process.

There was a time when Brazilian swimwear embraced the less is more (and next to nothing is even better) school of thought. But with women's Despi swimwear, the new way of thinking is that luxury matters more than scarcity—and that artfully displaying your body is even sexier than baring every inch.