There are wants and there are needs. Women's Foxers lingerie, like a home, electricity, and chocolate falls squarely into the later category. Every girl absolutely needs some fun, flirty, and oh so comfortable loungewear to parade her cute self around the house in.

Let's face it, more often than not, the hunt for the perfect pajamas leads us straight to our man's drawers. (We're talking about the ones in his dresser, ladies.) We're not quite sure why, but a dude's duds just feel fantastic, especially after a long day. Men's boxers, tees and under shirts have been a woman's go-to comfort wear for eons. But with women's Foxers panties and loungewear, you can now have the best of both worlds: the comfort of menswear with the look of sexy, flirty lingerie.

Foxy Boxers!

Inspired by menswear, but with a definite feminine twist, women's Foxers are about as fabulous as you can get without breaking the law. Imagine itty bitty boxer shorts decked out with decorative touches that include whispers of lace, satin bows, and pretty pinstripes. From frilly to functional, every piece in the Foxers collection will bring a smile to your face and a sigh of satisfaction to your lips.

And, lest you think that women's Foxers lingerie is all about boy shorts with boxer short waistbands, don't forget to check out the tuxedo tanks and various other pieces available. They're so pretty you'll have a hard time keeping them indoors. Foxy, fun, feminine… Foxers!