La Fee Verte

ooking for a wickedly addictive addition to your lingerie trousseau? Then look no further than women's La Fee Verte.

The green fairy… La Fee Verte… Absinth. Over a century ago, this emerald hued spirit was banished from the Parisian bars frequented by the city's artists, singers and writers thanks to it's penchant for driving people insane. Today, women's La Fee Verte lingerie is making people crazy in a whole other way.

A thrilling combination of sensuality and sophistication, women's La Fee Verte panties, camis, bras and sleepwear are the epitome of subtle femininity. Always classy, these perfectly paired layering pieces are sure to add a little something special to any woman's closet. What's more, La Fee Verte's sophisticated unmentionables are pulling some serious double duty.

Pour Me a Double

The underwear as outerwear trend has been going strong for a while now, and women's La Fee Verte takes the layering concept to a whole new level. Forget drab bras or boring camis as layers—this brand is romance personified, and it's a look that comes through in every single piece. Touches of lace, ribbon accents, and flirty color combinations are just too pretty to keep hidden away.

Try letting a peek of pretty lace from a pastel hued camisole show over a daringly low cut shirt for the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. Or, for a night time look with serious sass, why not wear one of La Fee Verte's women's sexy bras under a sheer dress? Even otherwise dull office wear can be spiced up with the right touch of feminine appeal. Looks like the green fairy has made quite the comeback.