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Only Hearts

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Only Hearts

Let women's Only Hearts lingerie make your daily grind a little less daunting…

Oh, the sacrifices we make for our careers. Bypassing the snooze button to make that early morning meeting, bringing files home to work on the weekend, and perhaps that most daunting of all tasks: hiding our fun, feminine selves underneath layers of body armor-like business attire.

But rest assured my career minded ladies… there is hope yet. Women's Only Hearts lingerie is an ode to femininity. Whispers of silk and scraps of lace cling to your curvaceous self like a second skin. Only Hearts is the epitome of ladylike and delicate, with bras and panties so delicious, you'll forget you're even wearing that boxy suit at all. And with an entire collection of innerwear as outerwear, you'll be able to slip out of that jacket at the end of the day and be the hottest thing at happy hour.

Let's Hear it for the Girls

And who needs the hassles of dealing with undergarments that feel like a NASA experiment gone wrong? Forget binding, tight bras that poke and prod at you or panties that ride, bunch and shift. Let's face it: you have enough going on in a day. Women's Only Hearts undergarments create a beautiful, sexy silhouette while remaining comfortable and classy all day long.

Whether you're a CEO, intern, customer service rep, butcher, baker or candlestick maker, you are climbing the ladder and busting right on through that glass ceiling. But just because you're working harder than the boys doesn't mean you can't enjoy being one of the girls. Let women's Only Hearts lingerie give you the touch of softness you yearn for. And then go get ‘em, ladies.