You work hard—and play even harder. Women's Puma sports and swimwear is designed just for take no prisoners babes like you. If you're permanently attached to your $1200 designer bag, complete with teacup puppy, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you're the kind of girl that's not afraid of a little sweat—the kind that can make the boys beg for mercy on the court, and then make them cry for a whole different reason when you slip into that little black dress—then by all means read on.

For years, Puma has been the foremost name in athletic shoes and equipment. But did you know that that sleek black cat also makes some of the most comfortable and stylish sportswear, loungewear and bathing suits on the market? Women's Puma gear is the epitome of powerful femininity. Bold color combinations and sumptuous fabric blends mean you can look as good as you feel.

Game… Set… Puma!

It's no secret that women can be both beautiful and strong. Now, thanks to women's Puma sportswear, we have a line of workout gear, bikinis, and outerwear that captures that spicy je ne se qua that sets us apart from our frillier counterparts.   Because let's be honest: sexy is good… but sexy and tough is oh so much better.

Now don't feel bad if you're the kind of girl who'd rather sit on the sand and tan than jump in that volleyball game. There's still time to show the boys just what you're made of. Start with women's Puma wear, and then let your inner sports goddess come out to play.