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Tigerlily Swimwear

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Tigerlily Swimwear

Women's Tigerlily swimwear: a little gift from down under.

Oh Australia, how we love thee. So very many fabulous things have come from our Aussie friendsó from Foster's Lager and stunning coral reefs to those adorably feisty kangaroos and the delectable Ryan Kwanten. And now, we can add the spectacular swimwear of women's Tigerlily to that enviable list.†

Exotic and sexy, the swimsuits of women's Tigerlily represent everything that makes its native Australia so exciting. In fact, when Jodhi Meares founded the brand in 2000, that's exactly what the dazzling former model set out to do. Meares was determined to capture the freedom and fun of her homeland. And capture she did; bringing the beauty, strength and confidence of the modern Australian woman to life with every design in the Tigerlily swimwear collection.

G'day, Gorgeous

A perfectly blended fusion of classic style and fashion forward thinking, women's Tigerlily swimwear is quickly emerging as a leader in premium beachwear. With unique fabric and textile blends, delightfully inventive prints, and a general flair for the dramatic, the brand manages to remain down to Earth even as it embraces its own adventurousness.†

Australia is known for many things. Among them are world class surfing, strikingly beautiful women, and beaches that take your breath away. Women's Tigerlily swimwear takes the very best of these elements and combines them to create bikinis, one pieces and cover ups tantamount to a whirlwind trip through the land down under.†

  • Showing all 7 styles