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Wendy Glez

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Wendy Glez

Women's Wendy Glez lingerie… because you deserve underwear as unique and beautiful as you are.

You are not one of the crowd. You refuse to be pigeon holed. Forget the box. You walk a line until it blurs. Shouldn't your lingerie and loungewear reflect your sassy, sexy, individual sense of style? Women's Wendy Glez underwear is designed for the woman who would rather wear what's "awesome" than what's "in right now."

You're not a word; you're not a phrase or a pick-up line… and you certainly can't be defined. The designers at women's Wendy Glez understand this. They create delectable pieces of lingerie and loungewear that bounce seamlessly back and forth between underwear and outerwear. They bypass trends and industry nonsense in favor of genuinely flattering and comfortable pieces in sexy color combinations that actually look as good as they feel.

Undefined… Unleashed

Why swim with the crowd when you can set yourself apart? Nobody wants to be just another in a long line—so why slip into just another pair of underwear? The panties, bras, camisoles, yoga pants and tees available from women's Wendy Glez are an expression of both femininity and individuality. Made from the finest blends of sumptuous fabrics, they make your body feel good, no matter what you're doing. And from spinning class to the supermarket and out onto the town, these sophisticated underpinnings will keep you looking cool, comfortable and sexy all day, and well into the night.

And just because women's Wendy Glez unmentionables are a step above your average undies doesn't mean you'll have to spend a fortune to enjoy them. After all, you can be both seductive and smart… shouldn't your panties follow suit?

  • Showing all 3 styles