Yummie Tummie Shapewear

Oh, the things that make us happy… it's not about diamonds on our fingers or condos on the beach. (Not that we'd turn down a big fat rock or a nice little 3 bedroom place in Malibu, mind you). Nope the things that really make us chikadees smile are more the ego boosting sort. That's where women's Yummie Tummie intimates come in. Purveyors of all things fabulous, the lingerie lovingly crafted at Yummie Tummie pulls serious double and occasionally—dare I say it?—even triple duty.

Apparently all of that sweat equity we've been putting it at the gym after work has been for not, because achieving the body of your dreams is as simple as one… two… Yummie Tummie. That's because women's Yummie Tummie is actually shapewear that's actually underwear that's actually outerwear. Got that? Allow us to elaborate.

Mmmm… Now that's Yummie

The brilliant damsels who create women's Yummie Tummy had the genius idea to design an article of clothing  that looks cute enough to stand alone as, say, a tank—and yet provides enough coverage and lift to work beautifully as your new favorite under thing. But wait, ladies, there's more. That's because secret panels inside the Yummie Tummie actually smooth and discretely slim you; making you appear about five pounds lighter the second you slip it on.

Comfortable, beautiful clothing that looks great and instantly makes you skinnier? What's next, a pill that makes PMS fun? Designer shoes that everyone can afford? Chocolate flavored vegetables? Whatever it is, it's going to have to be pretty big to outdo the thinkers behind women's Yummie Tummie.